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Conscious Creation

We take a holistic view of our products to see how we, as a brand, can continue to evolve our process to be sustainable and transparent while delivering high-quality and long-wearing fabrics that fit into your dynamic life.

Our Sustainability Journey

We believe sustainability is a continual process and stay open and honest with our journey. Where possible, we select recycled fabrics that help reduce both our carbon footprint and plastic pollution. We also use eco-conscious materials in our packaging and marketing materials, including soy-based inks, cotton strings, and petroleum-free dyes.


REPREVE™ is a sustainable fiber made from 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles. It’s production emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy in the process, creating a high-quality, luxurious fabric that makes a big difference in the future of our planet.

Tencel™ Lyocell

Tencel™ Lyocell is a rayon fiber created by converting dissolved wood pulp into versatile fiber using a low toxicity solvent. During this process, 99.5% of chemicals are reused in a closed-loop system. The result is a durable, lightweight fabric that breathes and moves with the body.

Give Back

We are proud to partner with 1% For The Planet to continue on our sustainability journey in bring greater awareness to protecting our planet by donating one percent of our annual sales to environmental causes for ocean conservation.

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