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The Season of Celebration

The Season of Celebration


With a deep sigh of relief composed of crisp, clean air, the season of celebration and relaxation is finally here. The last few months were a whirlwind of buying gifts, planning feasts, and finalizing vacations. Everyone is animated with the anticipation of bringing these varying visions to fruition. The electricity in the air is like backstage before an opening night, and it blankets towns and homes beside blinking decorations. No matter how we spend our holidays, they tend to be a big production that everyone shares a part in, which makes it all the more special when we finally get to celebrate together.



Things have a way of converging in December. Lost in the complexity of modern life, bare tree branches and stark, sepia fields are a welcome respite. Quiet and uncluttered woods are a tranquil catalyst for introspection, and the natural minimalism of winter leaves a vacuum in which our thoughts collect and flow like creeks of ether. These waters reflect the past year upon us, prompting fresh perspective and helping to appreciate the love that keeps us aloft.



As another year draws to a close, the Northeast battens down in glorious greyscale. December forests and skies are manned by a skeleton crew of the remaining wildlife that hasn’t flown south or turned in for hibernation. We all have our own ways of combatting the cold, sometimes through tradition, and other times through joyful impulsivity. Unlike the animals, we get to choose whether we hibernate this year, or seek sultry winter refuge.



For many families, there’s an anticipation all year for the hearth that is felt coming together in cozy homes around roaring fires. Backyard spas mimic hot springs of ancient mountains, continuing a tradition older than history. The amrita hue of a reversable scoop-back swimsuit contrasts like an orchid among the white snow lining the trees, and heated water bubbles in audacious defiance of the impossible surrounding cold. Human hibernation is not about standing still, but igniting one small square of fervor against a frozen landscape.


Sometimes, we succumb to the urge to fly like a Canada goose until the winds blow warm below us. Whether heading to the Florida Keys or the Virgin Islands, there’s sure to be blue skies and clear waters, and we’re sure to be packing summer style into our winter getaway. It is so satisfying going from snow boots to flip flops in a matter of hours. Clad in a one-shoulder bikini with sarong around the hip, sipping a mojito under a scorching sun, frigid homes up north are temporarily forgotten.



Whichever way we celebrate our triumph over winter and its icy legions, the company is what matters. Where we are is not important so long as we’re with the right people. The energy of this season brings us together in the culmination of another year, creating memories that are cherished for all our lives.


Thanks for reading, 
India Blake




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