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About India Blake

Our mission is to design swimwear that helps you effortlessly transition through all the moments of your life. We hope to inspire more mindfulness and delight - whether lounging at the pool, laughing over lunch, sitting in meditation, or dancing the night away with friends.

The Samudra collection is inspired by the sea. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to bring greater awareness to its captivating beauty and the importance that it holds in the world’s vastly interconnected ecosystem - reminding us all of the need to take care of it, ourselves, and others.

India Blake’s Story

Bold designs start with an artist and a passion. India Blake has always had a love affair with the ocean. She is inspired by the vivid and vibrant colors, the intricate shapes and textures, and the fluid and graceful movements of waves and all forms of marine life. She uses her designs as a creative way to reflect this wondrous habitat while bringing attention to our role in preserving and protecting it.

Our Sustainability Journey

We’re committed to keeping you comfortable and stylish with designs that care for both you and Mother Nature. As we work towards our sustainability goals, we invite an open conversation on how we can continue to evolve our process as we all learn and grow.

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