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Keeping in motion with life on Earth

Keeping in motion with life on Earth


The way I approach clothing design is with a similar perspective to that of a songwriter. The process takes on a life of its own, branching into new forms that were previously unimagined and unexplored. Influences can come from surprising places, and rapid travel sculpts a unique vision pressed together by perspective. Many of my ideas are sparked by my travels. The experience of visiting Iceland and Greenland this past summer was profound and inspiring.



Much the opposite of the polar wasteland that its name engenders, Iceland is animated with chromatic intensity and movement. As if a colossal stone in the sea has been turned over, revealing a profusion of thriving life as the water flows down its edges, the island sits like a fertile queen bee at the top of the world. Its peaks and plateaus are iconoclasts, both ancient and new. Some areas are well over 10 million years old, while many are less than 10 thousand, and fresh arms still arise in steaming magma.



In the southeast of the Island is one of the younger geological features, the lake on the Kerid Crater. Believed to have been formed by a volcanic cone that collapsed on itself around 3,000 years ago, it peers skyward as an aquamarine pupil surrounded by an iris of soil in varying shades of reddish brown. Hypnotized by its trenchant gaze, I begin to consider the significance of the sight before me. Kerid may resemble the very primordial cradle from which life on Earth first arose in a minute of molecular convergence.



A fundamental structure in nature, craters have been found on every celestial body with a solid surface. Whether created by impact from space or eruption from below, they are all echoes of events that caused an immediate and widespread change. While the remnants of great events tend to manifest in similar shapes, the effects of these catalysts are often unpredictable. Like the beautiful patterns and colors of Iceland and Greenland, life evolves to adapt to its existing environment, but what happens when the ecosystem rapidly changes? Turbulent disasters can spawn radical transformations in life, like that which first inspired it to march forth with intrepid first steps onto the dry soil.



With these abstractions churning thoughts across memories from a year of change and travel, I’ve seen my designs in fluid animation, arranging themselves around new and timeless apparel lines that I can’t wait to release in the coming months. Elements from different realms leap across physical barriers through the human mind and into reality. Keeping in motion with life on Earth, which adapted from the ocean onto land, so does the India Blake clothing suite evolve into daywear.



Experimenting with new clothing pieces using our designs in their familiar, playful style has yielded collections that are versatile, elegant, and stunning. As comfortable at a cocktail hour as at a scenic hike across a craggy beachhead, our new pieces are sure to see the wearer through adventures casual and bold. These new releases will be dropping throughout early 2023, so get ready for an exciting year.


Thanks for reading, 
India Blake


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