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Earth’s boundless beauty: an inspiration for my new collection

Earth’s boundless beauty: an inspiration for my new collection


Spring, as beautiful as she is inevitable, a great dawn across the Northern Hemisphere. Like chirping birds in the morning, spring pushes up and outward with illustrious indifference, no matter how cold or dark the winter. Color and character burst forth from empty fields and bare branches. Brightly colored buds and curious, green sprouts stand out against the fallow surfaces left in winter’s wake, sending the scent of floral rebirth on warm breezes. 



Every month has its color, but none arrives more welcome than the bright and energizing palette of May. Color is a natural language, and among the first methods of communication between all life. My designs tap into this visceral tongue, displaying chromatic dialects through textile. The ‘Agni’ pattern on my Halter Swimsuit uses colors inspired by firework clove polyps to visualize a wearable representation of ancient Sanskrit, translating ‘fire’ onto fabric. I’m excited to announce that we have partnered with one of the world’s longest-running fashion publications, and the Halter Swimsuit can be seen in this month’s issue of Tatler Magazine.



Movement and motion are the companion of color in the dance of spring. The journey from autumn through winter is a deceleration into a sedentary world, building silent anticipation for the active energy brought by warm weather. Motion is present in trees, underbrush, and flowerbeds no longer lonely; animated by new life and old life returning. Bees and other insects begin occupying the air, doing their annual service to replenish our plants. Unfortunately, it seems that every year, this envoy grows smaller as their habitat weakens globally, marking a poignant need for mindful and sustainable lifestyles that exemplify ecological harmony. 


This time of the year is not merely about peace, but excitement. Many animals are in breeding season, and their hormones cause vibrant, visual displays of feathers, fur, antlers and scales. Some of these animals are driven to battle each other for their mates and territories, culminating in a vivacious display of primal power. The ‘Jaya’ print on my One Shoulder Bikini resonates with the intensity and fulgent tones of battling marine life, and the prestige that lives within all of us, waiting to be activated.



Having the opportunity to witness the great myriad of Earth’s boundless beauty is inexhaustibly inspiring. No matter what I’ve seen, there are new and magnificent ecosystems that are unique to any place on Earth. One of my favorite examples of this is the leafy sea dragon, whose bold body markings inspire my Ojas Men’s Swim Shorts. Embellished with stripes and deep, subtle masses of color along its skeletal-yet-angelic frame, it has evolved to blend perfectly with its habitat on the Australian southern coast, keeping it hidden from natural threats. It has also required protection since 1987, due pollution destroying the one ecosystem in which it can thrive. This animal would not make sense in any other place on Earth, as it would likely stand out, providing the opposite intention of its pattern. 


Since humans are among the most adaptable species, the philosophy of the leafy sea dragon can easily pass us by. However, as we continue to remove habitats from the planet, our home grows less recognizable and more hostile. While it is easy to find places on Earth that resemble other planets, there is no place we currently know of that remotely resembles the diversity of color and character that exists here, and we would be leafy sea dragons in space suits on any other world. 


Love and understanding towards life are the first steps to recognizing our impact, and it is this love that influences my new collection. Love and responsibility also go hand in hand. Whether on a mountain lake or tropical beach, each of us has the ability to help keep the planet and its wildlife safe from human recklessness. It can mean picking up a single piece of trash while jogging, or organizing a pick-up party at the end of a lovely day outside together. It can mean researching the sensitive species sharing your vacation property and taking steps not to disturb them. Each action resonates through our shared environment on this planet, and serves to change our collective frequency for the better.


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