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How Yoga Helps Manage My Travel Anxiety

How Yoga Helps Manage My Travel Anxiety


I try to travel as much as I can in life, but not just for relaxation reasons. I find that traveling helps clear any creative burnout and allows me to be inspired by a new location. I find that being somewhere new allows me to draw the energy of that location into either my writing or photography. Whether it’s conversations with others or just walking along the beach feeling the breeze and smelling the sea brine. The idea of getting on a plane and going somewhere, how much money to spend or save, where am I going to sleep -- you get the idea.



Before, or during, traveling, I like to take a moment to take deep breaths. This moment to clear all the rushing noise in my mind allows me to open my eyes with a new perspective. I very much love to live in the moment and plan my vacation as it goes which is very anxiety-inducing if you think about it. After five to ten deep breaths, that overwhelming pressure is gone and I can just focus on my own enjoyment.



The worst part of traveling is how stiff you might feel. I know after being cramped up in a plane seat that the first thing I want to do is stand. Getting off the plane, I might do an Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana) which stretches the sides, spine, shoulders, and stomach which have all been crushed or hunched in those narrow seats. I will often try a couple more poses and bends to stretch my body out and loosen up the stiffness in my joints. I also find that this process helps with any jetlag I might have experienced.



Once I’ve reached my new location, I take a moment to fully take in that I am there. I made it. Whether this is in my hotel room or waiting at the airport, I take a moment to close my eyes and feel the energy around me. I am thankful for the people in my life who have supported me, and the universe for allowing me to have these experiences. If I have any goals for that day or week, that is the time to outline them.



Nature is the perfect place to try yoga and meditate. Taking ten minutes relaxes me of any fears there might come from being in a completely unknown country or area. Instead of rushing to the next point or checking the next box off my list, I just sit and live in the moment of being instead of doing.



I hope some of these tips help you relax on your vacations as much as they help me.


Thanks for reading,
India Blake


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