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If you are getting into Meditation, here are some recommendations for equipment.

Ending a yoga session with a period of brief or extended meditation will help you feel more focused and centered. The problem isn’t just finding any meditation cushion on the internet, but finding the right ones and what their purpose is. To narrow that list down even further, we’re giving you three basic meditation cushions to get you started.



Choosing a Pillow

  •  Size: Meditation pillows come in different sizes and lengths to adjust for your size and comfort.
  • Shape: Some pillows can be adjusted or are suitable for your different needs. For example, V-Shaped pillows elevate your hips which can reduce some knee and back pains you might have.
  • Fill: There are different materials offered for meditation cushions. A filling that will be commonly seen is buckwheat which allows the pillow to be firmer than a pillow. The firmness is required to support your joints and spine during meditation.


Samadhi Cushions

We were fortunate to partner with an established and highly regarded company, Samadhi Cushions. For over 40 years Samadhi Cushions has been handmaking their high-quality meditation cushions and benches from their factory in Vermont. The material used for our cushion collaboration is organic cotton twill and the patterns were thoughtfully chosen to be a balance between colorful and peaceful.




Zabuton traces its origin to Japan with a history of comfort and wealth. The support of a zabuton reduces pressure on the legs and knees which makes it useful for meditation sessions. Yoga practitioners use Zabuton because of its great support if you place it under your body in key areas such as the head, neck, hips, or back. By design, this cushion invites the body to sit in a way that keeps you upright but comfortable.




Zafus generally provide height underneath your pelvis, keeping your spine straight and your posture healthy. When picking out a cushion for yoga or meditation, what you’re looking for is something that is firm, that feels like it can support your weight. If you press into it, and it goes down like a pancake, that’s not good for your posture and health. Picking out a good Zafu like this one is made to last with options based on your preferences.

Meditation pillow

The meditation pillow is a square and zippered cushion that gives the option of additional height for your meditation posture. The pillow is commonly placed over the Zabuton. The added height creates comfort like sitting without causing too much strain on your knees. The upright posture and forward hip placement will help you keep focus and be less distracted while trying to maintain your form.


Why use cushions in Meditation?

A meditation pillow provides comfort and stability if you’re meditating for any extended period of time. For some cushions, you need firmness over something that feels more like a pillow to sleep on. Not only that, but some meditation cushions can fit on chairs and seats if you need extra posture support when sitting.



There are always great choices when picking meditation cushions, but you could find the Zabuton, Zafu, and Pillow cushions here or explore here for various other forms of meditation cushions that may fit your preferences and needs.


Thanks for reading,
India Blake


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