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The Power of Words

The Power of Words


Words hold great power, and the way we use them matters. As a writer, I have a deep appreciation for language and the way we can express ourselves through communication. With that in mind, it was a daunting task to name the pieces in my collection. After careful consideration, I decided to focus on Sanskrit words that would emphasize the depth of my intentions that went into creating each piece and incorporate my fascination for the language.

I first fell in love with Sanskrit when I began practicing meditation. Specifically, while using my calm app and listening to Tamara Levitt bring in Sanskrit words and meanings to her meditations. What I found so compelling was the connection to nature and how Sanskrit words have their own sound. Another example of the power of these words can be the connection that is felt while repeating a mantra out loud or silently during meditation.

Connecting this sacred language to my swimwear line felt harmonious when I began my research. When I learned the word “Samudra” which means “gathering together of waters” aligned with my intention and reference to the ocean and sea. Each piece in this collection represents Samudra and the word became a driving force as both an overarching theme and inspiration to honor the complex interconnectivity of our oceans.

Angi” means fire and is the first word written in the Rg Veda, the oldest of Sanskrit writings. I felt a connection to this word and the radiant Firework Clove Polyps that inspired the creation of this design. 

Gahana” means abyss, dense or complicated like the rich hues of blue in the sea. This joyful color and textured fabric choice were inspired by Humpback Whales that gracefully swim through the sea.

Devi” means divine being in the female form. This calm yet adventurous print was inspired by the divine beings of the sea such as the Queen Angel Fish. 

Amrita” means ambrosia or elixir of immortality. The solid plum wine color is bright and spirited that was inspired by the Redtoothed Triggerfish.

Chandra” means moon and this sleek print was inspired by the reflective light of the moon as it dances across the water. 

Asha” means hope and protection which was the symbolism behind this joyful print represented by the flowering creatures of the sea like the Christmas Tree Worm. 

Jaya” means victory. A strong and bold print inspired by Siamese Fighting Fish to awaken our inner warrior. 

Kashi” means shining. This deep and luminous print was inspired by the reflective nature of water.

Rupa” means a sacred physical form like a statue of a Buddha or a divine being. This dreamy pastel print was inspired by tube coral as a reminder to shine our inner beauty out into the world. 

Japa” means the muttering of a mantra. This elegant and rich Moroccan green fabric is inspired by the calm manatee.

Ananda” means bliss. A calming and tranquil color that reflects the blissful joy that comes from connecting with the ocean’s flow.

Charu” means beautiful, graceful, and spiritually pure. This feminine and flowing fabric is inspired by the fanciful Sea Pen and the soft peach tones like the sands found in Bermuda.

Ojas” means vigor or essence of vitality. This bold and powerful print was inspired by the Leafy Sea Dragon.

Vana” means plentiful and abundant forest or thicket. This dynamic print was inspired by the underwater world of Siamese Fighting Fish. 

Vahana” means to carry, convey, a vehicle, or the flow of a river. This colorful and vibrant print was inspired by the flowing fins of the Siamese Fighting Fish. 

Vritra” means the enveloper, serpent, or dragon. This camouflaged print was inspired by the underwater forest of sea kelp. 

If you are curious to learn more about the Sanskrit language, here is a link to watch a short video titled “The Language of the Gods – Facts about Sanskrit Language.”

Thanks for reading,

India Blake



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