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Movement as Physical Inspiration

Movement as Physical Inspiration


Lately, I have been meditating on the inspiration that led me to create my brand. When I try to pinpoint what sparked my curiosity and compelled me to embark on this complex creative journey to develop physical pieces of wearable art, movement is a reoccurring theme that I have always found both intriguing and important. For the Samuda collection, I was most inspired by the sea, the graceful creatures that inhabit it, and the way they move. As I continue creating new collections, the root of my inspiration is always within how the designs and the fabric flow as one, as if they are dancing.




When I think back to its inception, my initial motivation for painting designs was my need and desire to create in two different styles: sharp clarity, and soft fluidity. I enjoy expressing this contrast with crisp, clear, lines as a potent combination with the vibrant colors I choose to highlight duality. Such as how the human body expresses defined clean lines through dance. I compared this with the way a dolphin or shark has similarly defined sharpness: both move with fluidity and softness, but they also have a piercing intention as well. As I create my designs, I am channeling my innermost instincts, which can be a mediative and often spontaneous practice. 



I found dance at a young age when I used to practice ballet, modern, and jazz. I loved incorporating these different methods and often combining them to develop a hybrid form. This variety of training allowed me to appreciate the action rather than memorize specific choreography. Each type of dance has a unique purpose for the way the body is flexed, pointed, and positioned. It is captivating to feel and witness the way that a body can create shapes that appear so effortless. Whether I am watching a dancer perform or a master yogi doing dynamic poses I am in awe of their agility. When reflecting upon these moments, I see how I interpreted these lessons and muses into the designs I create for my clothing. 



This appreciation for fluidity is also apparent in my love for yoga. Flexibility is important both physically and mentally. The shapes created by the body in yoga are different than in dance but very similar in the development it takes to get into positions. My early dance training was beneficial when I started practicing yoga. It allowed me to trust my body to take control, let go of any restrictive tension, and fall into a flow dictated by breath. These movements are what influenced my designs to be bold yet graceful, much like the physical art forms that inspired them.  



As I continue to develop new designs, I enjoy taking these sacred moments to pause and think about what led me down this path toward becoming a fashion designer. Creating a brand that celebrates artistic expression is what I am most passionate about since I began this journey. I look forward to sharing more with you as I learn and grow as a designer.  



Thanks for reading,
India Blake


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